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July 2017 - Trekking tour in the Pyrenees, Aigüestortes National Park, Spain

Trekking tour in the Pyrenees, Aigüestortes National Park, Spain - July 2017

Moderate/Challenging Level - level 3 in 5 max
7 days of moderate hiking, 6 nights in mountain huts + 2 optional nights in Barcelona (hotels)
Tours in 2017: 1st Jul 2017 - Reservation Deadline: 15th May 2017
or gather your group and select your own schedule
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Aigüestortes National Park (Spanish Pyrenees)

Aiguestortes National Park is located in the central area of the Spanish Pyrenees and is the only national park in Catalonia.
Its territory is divided between the municipalities of Vall d’Aran, Pallars Sobirá, Alta Ribagorça and Pallars Jussà, about 200 km’s West of Andorra.
Was created in 1955 and today covers an area of approximately 40,000 hectares also considering the peripheral protected areas.
Is a natural space of great beauty where both water and granite appears in their maximum splendor in surprising combinations.
With a high concentration of ridges often around 3,000 m high, as is the Punta Alta (3,015 m) and the Contraix (2,960 m), you will find a high contrast with the deep green valleys where streams flow with crystal clear waters.

The trail

The trail is approximately 75 km long and is divided into 7 journeys/days.
Is a 7 days long loop trail which goes through hills and valleys where you will find crystal clear water lakes that reflects the silhouettes of impressive granitic mountains.
The average elevation of the route lies on the quota of 2,500 m, sometimes reaching very close to 3,000 m.
During the course the hike you will have the opportunity to visit 8 mountain refuges among which 6 we will use to spend the night and dine.
The use of mountain huts allows you to do not have to carry excessive weight in your backpacks because there you will find very good food, shower and a place to sleep. More than that, these huts are also a meeting point for travelers from various points of the globe and the talking and exchange of experiences creates unforgettable moments.
The comfortable pace and moderate distances make this an accessible hike to most trekkers, even with little experience.
The map image above gives you an idea of the trail we will walk where the each colour corresponds to each journey/day.
The 1st and 8th nights will be spent in hotel on the outskirts of Barcelona Airport.
The remaining nights will be spent in mountain huts in Aiguestortes National Park, in the Spanish Pyrenees.
In each hut is possible to sleep and they will provide dinner, breakfast and the lunch for the next day.

Questions & Answers

How does it works?

You can join me for a pre set tour or gather your own group and establish your own schedule.
Reservation forms and respective payment will be received until Reservation Deadline.
Reservations are only considered effective with the respective payment.
I will provide all required information’s in order to help client’s to prepare their travel.
Clients will be meet at the Barcelona Airport upon their arrival and, at the end of the tour, they will be taken to the airport as well. Different arrangements (ex: pick up and drop off at a certain hotel) can be agreed case-by-case.

Accommodations and meals

The included six nights will be spent in mountain huts during the trekking tour.
Extra/optional nights in Barcelona, or any other location, can be agreed. Please contact us for more details.
In the mountain huts you will find a place to sleep, ward style, where you will get a mattress, a pillow and blankets. We suggest you to bring your own light sleeping bag.
In these huts you will be served with very good meals. You can have both breakfast and dinner in the hut and lunch is provided early in the morning, picnic style for you to carry in your backpack.
From Day 1 dinner to Day 7 lunch you will have all three meals per day included in the base price.

Luggage and backpack

Each client has a volume/weight luggage quota of 60 liters and/or 30Kg.
During the walk you will carry your backpack with only what you will need for the duration of the hike.
Your remaining luggage can be left in the town's lockers.

Clothing, footwear and other individual items

We will be glad to provide you all the information you may need to help you to better prepare your travel.

Transfers during the tour

There will be a logistical support vehicle allocated to the tour.
The transfer Barcelona/Tour/Barcelona is included in the price.

Detailed Program

The Detailed Program is part of the documentation that the participant receives when the tour is confirmed.

Plane flights

You can purchase directly your plane flights.
Please bear in mind: last minute reservations can result in increased costs and booking difficulties.

Mountain huts

There are many kinds of mountain huts and the experiences we have had in some places are not necessarily equal to the experiences we will have in Aigüestortes National Park.
In the context of mountain huts at an European level, we will find a set of huts with very good conditions, very good management and very well attended.
Some are stone and masonry construction, with wooden interior for greater comfort level and most of them providing warm water for showers.
With capacities to between 20 and 70 people, depending on their size, they offer a set of miscellaneous services not losing their mountaineer charisma.
Each hut has its own management so you can find small differences in the rules. These rules are extremely important when so many different people get together in small places.
The photographs here used can give an idea of the appearance of some of the huts used during this tour. To those that do not have previous experiences using mountain huts, this is an excellent opportunity to start.
We can provide you all informative support to help you to in the preparation of your travel.
Those who already have other experiences will be probably pleased with the conditions they will find here.

Tours in 2017

Tour Dates / Reservation Deadline
1st Jul to 7th Jul 2017 / 15th May 2017
or gather your group and select the schedule with lower prices, ask me :)

Price and reservations

Tour Base Price: 700€

Includes: Accommodation (6 nights in mountain huts during the tour), breakfasts from Day 2 to Day 7, lunches/picnic from Day 2 to Day 7, dinners from Day 1 to Day 6 - all provided by the mountain huts. Vegetarian options must be informed upon reservation.
Does not includes: plane tickets and everything else that is not expressly mentioned as included in this information page.
Single room supplement:  not available because there is not such possibility in the mountain huts where we will stay.
Reservation value and procedure: 350,00€ - Remaining amount paid in full until 90 days before tour’s first day.
All above mentioned prices includes guide, insurance and VAT plus usage of the equipment if needed and if that is stated in the specific information of the event.


The costs of cancellation are as follows:
90 days before 1st Tour Day – 0% of reservation
89-60 days before 1st Tour Day – 25% of reservation
59-45 days before 1st Tour Day – 50% of reservation
44-30 days before 1st Tour Day – 75% of reservation
29 days or less before 1st Tour Day – 100% of reservation
To cancel your reservation it is mandatory that an e-mail is sent from the same e-mail address used for the reservation.
The amount will be transferred back to the same account used to the reservation.

Informations and reservations

Cell Phone: +351 914 794 553 (also in WhatsApp)
Skype: monteiro.david

Legal information

“Iberactive” is a registered trademark of the Travel Agency
Iberhills – Eventos e Viagens, Unipessoal Lda
Rua Professor Mira Fernandes, Lt 1543 – 5Dto
1900-383 Lisboa
Tax Identification Number (VAT number): 513 891 099
Bank Account:
Novo Banco SA (Lisbon, Portugal)
IBAN:  PT50 007 0000 0031 3261 0162 3         SWIFT / BIC: BESCPTPL
Also payable via PayPal
Operating with the following licenses: RNAVT: 6246 and RNAAT 338/2016 of the Portuguese Tourism Authorities
Certified as "Turismo de Natureza" by ICNF

Check our photo gallery from previous tours

Sunday, February 12, 2017

What to do and what to visit at Porto in one day?

What to do and what to visit at Porto in one day?

The most common answer you will have when asking such question to a “tripeiro” is: “you can’t”.
“tripeiro” - the natives of Porto are known in Portuguese as "tripeiros"
You will understand that the answer results from loving too much the city and when you will visit it you will easily get the reason why, it’s a gorgeous city, very photogenic in fact.
However sometimes the reality is that we only have one day so we will have to cook with the potatoes we have.
By reducing the time to just one day we will have to select only a few places to go in a wide variety of interesting sites.
My suggestion for you is: a morning walk, a lunch with products from a local market and a monument/museum visit during the afternoon.
Does it seems like a plan?
Yes, it will be a busy day.

Morning walk in Porto:

Please download a map that will guide you on a walk where you can visit some of the most iconic sites in Porto. Please  print the map in a A3 format or use it in your smartphone as a pdf.
Is a 6,5Km (4mi) stroll, perfect for a sunny morning and it will leave you enough time to stop for pictures and a coffee on the way.
The suggested walk will take you to several spots where you can take panoramic photos from Porto.
In a future post I will describe what can you see during this walk by identifying the numbers you can see written on the map.

Lunch with products from a local market:

During your morning walk you can visit a market identified as number 3 on the map, is the Bulhão market.
There you will find fresh products like fruits and vegetables and around there you will also find some old traditional groceries shops. I’m sure you can get there plenty of items to arrange a snack for you.

Monument/museum visit:

During the afternoon I suggest you to visit one of the following monuments/museums:
Enjoy your day and do not hesitate to send me an email you case you need to exchange some ideas.
David Monteiro

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Escaroupim, some days are forever

Escaroupim, some days are forever

A day at Escaroupim, Portugal, and you will feel that some days are forever.

Not too far from Lisbon, driving around 45 minutes north, you will find a tiny little village called Escaroupim.
It sits at the left bank of the river Tagus, Tejo in Portuguese.
Escaroupim is one of the several “aldeias avieiras” along the river. I guess you don’t know what an “aldeia avieira” is but in a later article I will explain.
At this traditional village you can take a boat that will drive you through the several river channels where most of the birds go for their late afternoon bug meal … amazing scenario.
On top of all we get to know more about the local birds with the entertaining explanations.
It really doesn’t matter if it’s cold or warm because the boats have covers that can be putted on or off.
What it really matters is the time of the day and sunset is king.
A day to remember.
David Monteiro